Patient Testimonials

Dr. Singh and his staff welcome comments from patients.

These patient comments are a reflection of the personal care and expertise that Dr. Singh and his staff provide.

Personal names have been removed to protect patient privacy.

“Dr. Singh, Last month you saved my life and I have wanted to thank you for what you did. On February 27th my doctor wanted to start my chemo process but my liver count was going wild so he had to change his plans. He knew I was in trouble so he called you for help. On February 28th you set me up for an MRI and figured out what my condition probably needed. Before the start of the Endoscopy, you told me the various scenarios that could go wrong & the odds from similar operations. When you visited me after the surgery, you explained what my problem was and how you made the fix to correct it. Dr. Singh, I thank God often for allowing you to receive your education, training and experience to be able to help people like myself. You have a wonderful gift and I ask for God’s blessings on you.” R.M.

“Dear Dr. Singh, We wanted to express our heartfelt thanks to you for the extraordinary efforts and compassion you have shown us since taking me as a patient. You have given us great comfort and assurance during uncertain times and I won’t ever be able to fully express my deepest gratitude to you for that. Nonetheless, we wanted to take a moment to recognize what a phenomenal doctor and friend you are to us.” M.M.

“Dear Dr. Singh, I should have done this last year but better late than never! July 10 – you performed a colonoscopy on me (tests resulted in 3 polyps, all benign). As I walked out of the hospital that day something inside me changed. I decided to develop more active hobbies, including gym, sports, music, hiking, and of course more diet control. Since then, I have lost 16 lbs. All my medical tests point to great health, and overall I feel wonderful. I just wanted to acknowledge the tremendous help and support you and your staff gave me that day. I always wanted to come back and thank you for it, but somehow it never happened. I’m sorry about that, because nothing is more important than health. For me, it was a wake-up call, and I will remain grateful to you and your staff!” B. S.

“Dear Dr. Singh, Thank you, you’ve helped more than I can say. Thank you for your time and sincere help. I feel much better.” R.H.

“Dr. Singh, I want to express my gratitude for your sincere care; it meant the world to me. People like you make a difference in this world. You and you staff are wonderful to make my test possible. Receive again my sincere thoughts.” S.S.

“Dr. Singh, I’d like to express heartfelt thanks to you for all your hard work and dedication that you gave my father. I know my father was a very ill man but I am very thankful and very appreciative that you did everything in your power to help my father. I know your willingness and your genuine concern really brought us peace that everything was being done. You truly are a gift to us.” C.T.

“I have had the privilege of being treated by Dr. Singh for the last 4 years and consider myself very fortunate to be treated under his care. I have a very unique medical condition and from the onset, Dr. Singh has tirelessly treated and sought expert opinions related to my illness for a resolution or a more effective treatment plan. My wife and I have the utmost trust and respect for him and would recommend, without any hesitation whatsoever to my closest family and friends. He is an extremely gifted and compassionate professional.” M.B.